Scattered Mind

Spatial Consciousness

Reaching far beyond limits imposed by space/time,
Scattered parts of the mind that I thought were my own
All belong to the cosmos. They’re mine to behold,
But a few at a time only. And, as I’m told,
No mind can outdo nature… at least not alone
While entrapped in an other than sound paradigm.

Speed control done remotely by sentient life force
That exists of no substance but with firm intent
Has by now animated me to frequencies
High enough that my problems are solved with more ease.
If I could just remain here adrift in content
For the rest of my living, that I would endorse.

Restlessness in my clutter knows static release
Through the interconnections unconsciously made
In a mood of acceptance of things as they are.
Anywhere in the universe can’t be too far
From the place where I feel that my thoughts are betrayed
By a sense of untidiness. Therein lies peace.

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