Progress Problems

Faithful Overnight Dump

Conflict caters to living like blood to its flow.
Subtle trials that accumulate while out of sight
Blanket everything focal to moving along.
It’s a question of what kind – not of right or wrong.
Any movement is progress by dawn’s early light
If it does not destroy me. This is good to know.

There are problems of two types. The terminal ones
Are just that! They’ll destroy issues well and for good.
People who do survive them, though they may be scarred,
Evolve much more efficiently. If it’s too hard
Then the life is disrupted and misunderstood.
There may be misperception of how the life runs.

Then there are Progress Problems. These are the best kind.
I can say that I have them, but they can’t have me
By the short hairs of sanity. Work they provide
For my spirit to master. I get to decide
Which kind all are assigned to and to what degree
I will let them deter me from my peace of mind.

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