Playful Matchmaker

Sophisticated Collaborative Talent

You take part in larger-than-life endeavors, and
With well-meaning intentions, you make yourself known
By simply keeping focused. The final outcome
Will be positive, long-lasting, and ripe for some
Entertaining calamity. Playfully prone
To tender ingenuity, proud is your stand.

 You’re a frisky old rascal and goofy as hell.
Having so many puppies, one would think that you
Would have more sense about you, but you prove folks wrong.
Confidently responsible, you get along
Well with others because it’s the right thing to do.
You are socially agile and integrate well.

Working equally well with others or alone,
You excel at collaboration and achieve
The fulfillment of wishes that you’ve taken on.
The task may be enormous, but you’re no moron.
Your friends are most supportive because they believe
You have leadership qualities and a backbone.

Playfulness is your pudding. Loyalty to fun
And commitment to caring are gifts that you share.
Mutual understanding means all can depend
On the help of all others to safely transcend
Perilous situations. Willingness to care
Is the means to enlightenment for everyone.

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