Performance Anxiety

I enjoy performing. I’m anxious at times,
Thought I don’t really need to be, and I’m not proud.
My anxiety sets in along with self-doubt.
I don’t care if you boo me or don’t check me out.
I’m sure someone who’s out there will find me endowed.
It’s for that one who I strut. My happy heart chimes.

When I see what excites me, my heart does a dance.
It expands to full color for all eyes to see.
Do you find me exciting? You may or may not.
I will find the right one who will think that I’m hot.
And if not, I’ll continue most confidently.
The best part of my living life is the romance.

Not all like my performance. They have every right
To delight in the things chosen with a pure heart.
I delight in performing. I think we all do.
Every scene I appear in is stunningly new.
If I thought much about it, that wouldn’t be smart.
My own world is my stage, and the sun, my spotlight.

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