Patient Purpose

Pleasure In Dilligence

Go Ahead! Just keep plugging. You’re doing fine work.
You have patience and diligence. You will succeed
At the piece that you’re crafting. It’s my guarantee
That you are a creator. It’s your destiny.
As you make way to stardom, I wish you Godspeed.
That I have been your teacher is but a proud perk.

Every good soldier artist knows how to wage war.
With divine earthy substance, it’s like making peace
With the power of nature while giving her praise.
Will the work that you do make your consciousness raise?
It will do that and offer a healthy release
Of most negative tension, ill spirit and more.

Productive and accomplished in all that you are,
You develop self-discipline. Every detail
Necessary for quality you take to heart.
I stand by in support with much love to impart
To a bright shining pupil. May wholeness prevail
On your path of endeavor. Your dreams do reach far.

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