Opportunity To Shine

Access To Brilliance

If pressure is the circumstance would not release
From its cause be most wanted? Down in this subway
We call life, there is darkness. The filth is obscene.
Yet there is light above us and everything’s clean.
We don’t have to stay down here throughout every day.
We must live our lives topside for ultimate peace.

My relations with others are crowded below.
The occasion to travel deserves not the fuss
To engage the encounter with friendly exchange.
Nowadays that’s considered to be somewhat strange.
Long before my first smartphone what did I discuss
That I don’t now or do not as that time ago?

There are now enough people to cause some unrest.
Like lab rats trapped and crowded and left on our own
To come up with solutions, have we what it takes
To get on rather smoothly? The game is high stakes.
We may be the worst losers to never be known.
If we can’t get a handle our future is messed.

May the hope for a shining become ever bright
That the world be awakened to more common goals
That consider the planet in healthier ways?
It takes working together to brighten our days.
In so doing it also may redeem our souls
From our fear of survival which is our main plight.

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