One’s Own Master

Gentle, Optimistic, Heroic

Life itself is a festival, and we’re all fools.
In this world, both the ugly and beautiful are
Subject to the same laws nature dictates to all.
One who suffers the plight of the village oddball
Need remember only that others are not far
From becoming enlightened for breaking those rules.

Consider the word, ‘Master.’ It smells of two things
And two only. One’s fragrance is that of a rose
As it implies someone of superior skill
At a cherished obsession, and life is a thrill.
But the other odor is a threat to the nose.
Slavery is the stench, and bad karma it brings.

People do seem to know that deep down in their souls.
Empathy is another thing most humans share.
Only monsters without hearts will put on a show
To inflict their own ugliness and psychic woe
Upon those whom they envy for wanting to care
For others besides themselves and their worldly goals.

I must know I’m the master of my own free will.
Impressions forced upon me by society
I cannot let control me. My ultimate dream
Is to help others with issues of self-esteem.
Sacred sense of my circumstance sanctifies me.
I know that I am loved here. That much does fulfill.

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