On Engaging The Hoax

Well-prepared for a Crisis

If it did come from China, why call it a hoax?
If we do that our stories can’t make enough sense!
They’ll believe that it’s racial then they’ll stigmatize
Any creature who’s off-white and has slanted eyes.
Then our chaos looks calm and with little pretense.
Panic is the distraction this crisis provokes.

There will be lots of bullshit and beef that’s gone bad
Pumped into people’s mindsets if things go our way.
Our best bet is to blunder and waltz safely through
Then come up with a big relief plan that will screw
Everyone but the wealthy. They’ll hear what we say
Then go buying up toilet rolls like it’s a fad.

We’re prepared for the hoax. It’s a deadly disease.
As it sweeps across nations it claims many lives.
This one, fully awake now, will return to sleep.
We can purchase salvation that doesn’t come cheap
In this sick world where only the ‘fit’ one survives
Or we can look within for what peace we may seize.

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