Non-Standard Deviation

New Discoveries

Something new and exciting may happen today.
Although it can be planned, it can happen outright
By the grace of the universe. Take by the hand
The dear child who, within you, does well understand
That the future, by one’s choice, can always be bright.
Take a walk on a new path and laugh as you play.

Rigidness and disruption in daily routine
Is a given and will remain part of or best
And our worst laid out plans and the ones in between.
One deciphers a warning if senses are keen
To the sharp change in wholesomeness. One can invest
Time in fun and refreshment. The spirit comes clean.

Staying busy with projects I have going on
Provides ample excitement and perspective friends
Who I can get involved with to generate more
Things to do with still others. A healthy rapport
Do I have with most people. My spirit transcends
Any notion that in time it all will be gone.

Outrageous and original often with some,
I can find entertainment as well as provide
Much the same in return. Though it’s called quid pro quo
What I do causes me to develop and grow.
Newness is the elixir that throws open wide
The door to new adventure and wonder to come.

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