My Wellbeing Abounds

My strong heart kept my blood pumping all through the night.
I had not much to do with it. That’s a good thing.
My lungs delivered air all while I was asleep
So that as I was dreaming, this body would keep
On providing to me all that living can bring.
My wellbeing abounds, and that’s no less than right.

I did not have to stay up past midnight last night
To make sure that earth’s orbit was fixed in my mind.
Some force greater than I has things under control.
One can mate with one’s maker, then dare to be whole.
But such wholeness may render one’s free will confined
To whatever the ego mind claims must be right.

All is kept in its place by the focus of thought
From a broader perspective. I need not concern
Myself with all that happens. I happen to be
In a world of wellbeing. How well I can see
That my value is something I don’t have to earn.
My wellbeing is guaranteed and never bought.

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