My Kingdom Within Cannot Be Within You

My pleasure depends not upon pleasing you.
I learned this while crying my heart out one day.
I had thought it’s because I’d mistaken your hope
In my loving you as some kind of restraining rope.
Now, we’re both misaligned. Did we plan it this way?
It’s amazing what folks with agreements go through.

We each need our counsel, yet we shouldn’t seek
To guide one another. That doesn’t make sense
As no guidance coming from others is true.
They all have their motives that service not you.
Rightful reason evolves, then, to render defense
To the ego who fears that its soul has gone weak.

Direction that’s constant comes yet from within
Where the still silent voice does modulate flow
Of the energy resonant deep in the gut.
When we don’t take direction, we wobble somewhat.
Our friends may just lead us where we shouldn’t go.
So rely not on others… not even your kin.

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