My Guidance System

It’s the tale of two selves in a package complete
With identical minds whose thoughts can be the same.
When they are the same, I feel I could kiss the sky.
When they’re not, I feel hopeless. I won’t even try
To see clearly. My feelings do truly proclaim
How much both sets of thoughts get along or compete.

Every self has a higher self and an ego.
Each can think independently of the same thing.
When the ego demands that the bastard should die,
What the higher self thinks is, “Here, love should apply.”
This divergence in thinking within self will bring
On an ultimate gutwrench and maybe some woe.

Myself has a comparator to tell me when
My thoughts start to depart from my highlighted route.
When that happens, I feel bad. That’s simple enough.
As I indulge the ego by playing it tough,
I am locked on the course of eternal dispute.
When my guidance reprograms, I begin again.

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