Mental Or Emotional?

The Two Sides Of The Coin

Things mental and emotional are much the same.
Heart and brain are each processors of energy
In electrical form. Each one has its own waves
That broadcast everywhere. How each center behaves
Is a matter of technique, and when they agree,
Inner peace and contentment the whole self can claim.

Wanting to be lighthearted occurs in the mind
Then the heart takes the signal and adds some intent
In response to the thought. Back and forth they converse
In the magnetic whirlpool that self may immerse
And become what is wanted one hundred percent.
Contemplating the process can make one more kind.

Socially integrated, I know where I’m strong
And where I need improvement. Wisdom I obtain
From wholesome integration of mind with the heart.
Either without the other have nil to impart
That can be of significant value or gain
In a world where we’ve no choice but to get along.

Willingness to cooperate makes the world go
In a way with less turmoil, yet pure evil will
Be contingent to living on this planet earth.
We can know as a species what is our true worth
When the mind and the heart are both quiet and still.
The two make for a winning team, I’m glad to know.

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