Mental Discipline

Intellectual Mastery

Mercury, the Winged Messenger, God rightly chose
To communicate quickly what creatures must know
About knowing stability through the clear mind.
Does it mean that this swift one may be disinclined
To intuitive insight? Ideas will flow.
As the mind becomes certain it learns to compose.

Simple focus in stasis while breathing in light
Through the Eye of the Third kind is practice gone good.
What I think about most things by now I know well.
Concentration is keen. An efficiency spell
Has been cast upon me as I knew that it would.
I absorb information much faster than sight.

Realistic and practical plans are my peace.
Pieces of good insurance that I may improve,
Thoughts and plans organized are of meaning to me.
I am blinded without them. With them I can see
That, when healthy, they can help me make the right move
During uncertain moments once hard to release.

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