Master Of Skills

The Ideal Environment

Clear, effective objective, perception of facts,
Focused and close attention to every detail,
And a mixture of Magic, The Master at play
Or at work is a marvel. A mindful ballet
Of the art and its pleasure perform to prevail.
All that’s done is for real. There are no conjured acts.

At home in one’s environment, things that take place
Will enthrall and amaze folk and put them at ease
With a psychic excitement that makes in their minds
Fertile field for the growing of dreams of all kinds.
He knows well how to please. In that way he’ll appease
Any audience present within time and space.

Correspondence with clockwork creates right on cue.
To the tempo of oneness, the soul is evolved
Of the moment eternal. Nowhere can one be
But in one’s own creation to rightfully see.
Self-expression in earnest indeed is involved
In profound presentation. Then more one can do.

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