Making Yourself Clear

Burn Through To Clarity

Optimistic oration performed ear to ear
Generates burn through pieces. Revealing what’s true
Is the purpose of speaking what’s on the clear mind.
When the pieces fit well we can see what’s behind
Any obstructive surface to give us a view
Of the brightness abundant that all hearts hold dear.

To translate air apparent to simple green earth
Is to enlarge and focus. Each function is done
In magnificent mindfulness of better sight
That the vision of clarity will make aright
My intention to speak in a way everyone
Can engage with the puzzle and give it some worth.

I do not choose my words well. Rather, they choose me.
Having been here before I am, I am at ease
In accepting their governance. I become wise
As to how verbal structures can surprise the eyes.
May this work be a blessing to those who would seize
Alternate understanding and new ways to see.

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