Love Is An Infectious Ease

Love Is An Infectious Ease

Love is a full blown Infectious Ease
Who inhabits all creatures human or not.
Its primal urgency rivals World News
Of which there ain’t much. It’s mostly a ruse
To get people worried and feeling distraught.
We’re busy right now! Go piss in the breeze.”

Love infiltrates our human race
Despite all malignant hate and fear
Salvaged from crannies afar and nearby
Then baked into sumptuous Network News Pie
That makes of the stomach a cesspool austere
Which then circulates venom all over the place

Love laughs in your face and says, “Lick me, please!”
It don’t ask no opinion on national debt.
It’ll slap you upside your busy head.
It’ll make you damn glad your ass ain’t dead!
Love has no conception of ISIS threat.
If people was fuckin’, they’d see as Love sees.

One can trip on Love, if that’s what’s in store.
The consequence, though, is that Love conquers all.
There can be no exclusion where Love is concerned…
There’s no badge of courage nor medal to be earned.
Love, among things, is a dick standing tall
And a good loving woman who wants nothing more.

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