Sensitive to the Touch

Taking things much too personally is a trap.
Undue stress and exhaustion can’t keep the mind clear.
I am bandaged impatience and impulsiveness.
People get on my damned nerves. I need not digress
Into flowered assessment. Why should I appear
As a joyful team player? Enough of that crap!

There’s enhanced mitigation in getting it out
So the ill, conscious self may behold the raw truth
Written down in plain English. Is this sick one me?
Could I be more objective and just let life be?
These rhetorical questions recover my youth
As they’re answered subjectively absent of doubt.

There’s an end to frustration. The buildup is strong.
Discontented small energies gather in force.
I can be argumentative and downright rude
If I feel that I’m not as respectfully viewed
As all others. There’s something amiss here, of course.
Simple logic dictates that I’m where I belong.

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