Interpersonal Advancement

Sociodigital Integration

By the numbers we flourish. Each one is assigned
One when we begin working. For life it remains
The most important one. Social Security
Is the name that it goes by yet none can agree
As to what proper name it has. When one obtains
A most logical candidate, life will be kind.

Human beings are sociable naturally
In ideal situations and when in good health.
During times of calamity we can shift gears
Notwithstanding frustration and uncertain fears.
If life is a page turner, this reader by stealth
Is a part of the unfolding story to be.

Fascination with digits and technology
Comes from our need to manage population growth.
It’s by now human nature to move at light speed.
Only by keeping up can we truly succeed.
Heart and Mind the machine is of service to both.
It leaves us with more time for creativity.

Often life is impersonal and rather cold.
It may be misperception or it may be true.
It depends on the choice made. Whichever the case
There are limited options for our human race
To survive as a species and widen our view
That a more self-empowering story be told.

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