Instant Infatuation

True Love

Inhibition releases its grasp on my heart.
Every brief interaction with those that I meet
Is exciting, harmonious and lots of fun.
If my life is a ballgame, I’ve scored a home run.
People offer no doubt that my kisses are sweet
So to share them with everyone is a fine art.

Social life is a blessing. I can entertain
And, in turn, be enamored with most everyone.
There is ease in relaxing the tension I feel
For the fear of expressing what I know is real.
Is there hope for the many of us who would shun
But a bit of affection? Why do we abstain?

I know that’s not my business. The paths we each take
Toward fulfillment, contentment and true peace of mind
Have uniqueness like fingerprints. None can be wrong
Since they indicate clearly where we can be strong
Enough to say, “Just Do It!” no act is unkind
When it’s done in sincerity and for love’s sake.

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