Independent Initiative

A Place In the Croud

Why don’t I take the next step toward what must be done
To stand out among many adrift in a cloud
Of unknown self-identity? Am I afraid
That it’s not my true purpose nor righteous crusade
To gain superstar status? To what I’m avowed
Is the urge to express well, if only to one.

Everything done is aimed at enlarging my sphere
Of what have become novel among the ideals
That I know have become me. The challenge to be
More proactive and high-minded is what I see
On my path that is destined by what it reveals
To the heart made courageous and mind become clear.

I alone must make action. I cannot depend
On the actions of others that I may be seen
As unique and authentic. I’ve no certain goal
But to do what fulfills me and brightens my soul.
When it comes to performing I’m still a bit green
Yet prepared for the soul within me to ascend.

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