In Charge

Commander In Chief

The portrait of a tyrant who thinks he is king
Is complete with an ego of shiny fool’s gold.
Everyone who works for him does so under stress.
Why he treats others badly is anyone’s guess.
He expects them to silently do as they’re told.
Warmth and loving compassion are just not his thing.

Everyone under his rule knows who is In Charge
Of dispensing delusion, darkness, and dismay.
When one is self-important and feels for no one
But oneself, then there’s much work that needs to be done
To redeem any virtue that was cast away.
Image is not an attribute meant to be large.

Lessons come to the student when he is in need
Of internal adjustment toward ethical ways.
They will range in severity according to
How well they are accepted. The thing one must do
Is identify teachers and give them due praise.
If perceived as the enemy, one can’t proceed.

The return to humanity comes with regard
To the interconnectedness felt among we
Who are all here a brief while in physical form.
When the heart has gone cold, only love makes it warm.
In the end, a new story the changed one will see.
If one stays as an animal, life remains hard.

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