In Blithesome Belligerence

Take Me Or Leave Me

Cheerfully I partake of my latent debut
Optimistically, I feel I’ll entertain.
And delight mostly everyone who’s come to see
What I must share in gratitude. But I must be
At my peak of performance and not under strain.
I’ll prepare, as I must. I am not overdue.

If I boast of a big vision but lack a plan
To make it a concrete reality, it will
Do myself an injustice… perhaps you as well.
On this stage and in costume I have truth to tell.
Given just enough skill to make you all sit still,
I will do but my best because it’s all I can.

Motivated to action by duty to be,
My excitement is focused on playing the role
Of the standard performer – a part of the team
Where support given mutually is the theme.
Arrogance nor extravagance is not the goal.
Through the act I’m empowered by all I can see.

It may feel like confinement if my pace is slow
Due to too much discernment and not enough drive.
May my need to be restless to some small degree
Feed my strongest intent to be totally free
Of behaviors that do not allow me to thrive.
What must Go On is surely something we all know.

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