Imaginative Power

Mind As Messenger

Subtlety of expression and focused intent
Allow my best ideas to remain afloat.
Sailing on the horizon, the mind is at sea
In pursuit of whatever may satisfy me.
As I master illusion, the time I devote
To advancing in wisdom indeed is well spent.

Imaginative Power I generate.
The sensation of sea sickness I manage by
Concentrating on calmness and staying awake.
For the sake of the voyage, it’s one huge mistake
To be lulled into slumber while wondering why
Life has rudely forsaken my will to create.

Fogginess is an issue. With mind opened wide,
On some days, storm clouds gather. The sea becomes rough.
The imbalance unsettles me. After a while,
When things have settled down, then the light will beguile
My spirit damp and heavy with favor enough
To feel rejuvenated in unfettered pride.

Worlds of dreams and of spirit and realms of the deep
Inundate my subconscious. My fantasy brings
Fertileness to imaginative processes.
I enhance my aesthetics with relative ease.
While in touch with reality creative things
Of all kinds motivate me and keep me from sleep.

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