I Poet Because I Owe It

The Consumate Writer

Who would hijack a good noun and make it a verb?
If speak of that ‘P’ word some folks get upset.
When they do I’ll take verbs and convert them to nouns
Just to mess with their menses and make them wear frowns.
I’m a true Magic Realist. Do not forget
That when I get my Real on I’m meant to perturb.

  So, I Poet! I know it’s the right thing to do.
Spirit constantly tells me I’m on the right track.
All the world’s English scholars may wince and complain
While maintaining that I’m not that noun. I will gain
Recognition… or not. Intellectual flack
Of the harshest kind ever can’t make me feel blue.

And I Owe It to myself, in fact, everyone
May get some entertainment and inspiration
To explore Magic Realism as it plays out
In their own life experiences. I’ve no doubt
That my work is of benefit because it’s fun.
As I Poet, a new lease on life has begun.

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