I AM the Center of the Universe

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It’s the center of all that is known to exist
That has baffled the minds of the best of the bunch
Of the bold astrophysicists paving the way
Towards a unified view that is destined to stay
In the consciousness as it confirms every hunch
That the center is everywhere. No place is missed.

This Big Bang that began such a long time ago
Is still going on now at a speed way past light.
It began as a pinpoint of tremendous mass.
It was singular, solid and devoid of class.
The great speck has now grown with unspeakable might.
How I got at the center is something to know.

When the speck came to be, nothing else was around
So, the speck was the center, entirely so.
Now, the speck, as the center, has taken on size,
It does not take a scientist to realize
That the center is everywhere it wants to go.
Every speck of the universe is sacred ground.

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