I Am Always Becoming


I behold my reflection. What should I see there
But a mere mortal being? It is nothing more
Than an image, out there, and again in the mind.
If I gave it my loving, it wouldn’t in kind.
Indeed, it can do naught. It has never before.
If I fell in love anyway, would someone care?

I’m no longer a muffin. If ever I were,
For a time long enough to light up the world stage,
I’d have had plenty beauty… enough to believe
I could slay any dragons the world could conceive.
My good looks have been cancelled out due to my rage
When within the reflection, some calm I’d prefer.

I am always becoming who I’m meant to be
By my knowing my image takes nothing from me.
What I take from it can be a reason to praise
My Creator for trusting me with all these days.
Narcissistic behavior, most definitely,
Is my unconscious clinging to all that I see.

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