High Energy

The Low Inverse Of Matter

Energy fascinates me because it’s so high.
From where I am, it is a spectacular sight.
How to make it a feeling, my mind wants to know.
It and I, as a team, can put on a good show…
 Or a bad one if I do not know wrong from right.
Handled with proper caution, it’s worth a good try.

In the sky, on a stormy day, rain clouds converse.
When they do, sparks are seen, and their speaking is loud.
Power lines that hang over all civilized land
Transfer tons of high voltage to meet with demand
Of society’s needs. As much as we’re allowed,
We may know of this force. We cannot make things worse.

Energy that’s above us is also within.
The well-functioning body is a power plant
With its nerves as conductors. So much like machines
That we’re hooked on producing them by any means,
We apprentice magicians with wishes to grant,
Are, with regard to nature, on the verge of sin.

 Yet we need not be worried but could use a prayer.
What is basic in physics is not in our ways
Of behaving causing energy to be low
And the growth of the soul is unbearably slow.
All of life has potential to shock and amaze.
When it’s high is when I am most able to share.

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