Handle With Care

Delicate Touch

As I Be, small embarrassments make themselves known,
But to others. Can I rely on their feedback?
Surely so if I trust them. Then why would I not?
Is there something my non-fragile spirit forgot
While delighting in reactive verbal attack
Upon ill-perceived fellows? I am not alone.

As it is, huge expressions of feeling are meant
To elicit behavior. The ones that are small
Are evolved because energy is all that moves
So feelings become mutual. Nothing improves
About living unless I commit to recall
All the goodness that I know that I don’t invent.

Handle me not with justice but only with care.
I’m not on the defensive. The air gives me lift.
The ascension far outward reveals guiding light
As returning to earth from ephemeral height
Brings with it a rewarding spiritual gift.
I have strength of survival, and none need beware.

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