Growth Is Inevitable

Challenged to Grow Beyond Confines

Way beyond my resources I’m willing to reach
For the light that I’m after while grounded in place.
I may run into trouble every now and then.
Obstacles I encounter again and again
Offer life changing influence. Such is the case
For the nature of growth. It has lessons to teach.

Previous attitudes have placed me where I am
And the present ones lead me to where I must go.
On the path to fulfillment of my purpose here
All I need do is never to rely on fear
To resolve any issues if I am to grow.
Life is easier when I stick with the program.

Growth translates to abundance in my frame of mind
When the health of my spirit is lively and strong.
Otherwise it is painful and leads to defeat
Of the purpose of living. The threat of deceit
By the self is the reason that it will do wrong.
I’d prefer that I’m upright and outward inclined.

Leaps of faith are essential for moving along
On the journey for without them life would stand still.
Were that to happen to me my growing would cease.
I must persevere onward to further increase
What I have and enjoy by the way of good will.
As time has its way with me I’ll sing but its song.

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