Getting Around Hindering Beliefs

My beliefs are like boulders, yet some can dissolve
To embrace the swift current that carries me through
Life’s adventure as I paddle to get around
Other big rocks that won’t move because they are bound
By the mass that I give to them. I bang into
Such beliefs made of hard matter I can’t resolve.

A belief is a thought I continue to think.
I don’t think a thing of it as it gathers moss.
Every thought grows in power the more it is thought.
This is how I create belief and how it’s wrought.
My most nurtured beliefs come not by the coin’s toss,
Nor by scant inattention through will out of sync.

I accept that foundations are part of life’s stream,
And that momentum varies much, most of the time.
I can best get around them or face them head on
Through the spirit inside whom I rely upon.
I can’t slow this stream down, as my will is not prime.
My beliefs are my guidance, sometimes, it may seem.

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