Finding That Place

Profound Self-Awareness

Elusive qualities in abundance have you
Yet you don’t realize. You don’t appreciate
What you have, therefore you may doubt your worthiness.
But you have a strong spirit with which to address
Challenges existential. With love you create
A safe path that your sorrows and you can get through.

Self-awareness you have. Community plays
A big part in your inner growth and sense of pride
Through attack insurmountable to lesser souls.
Your lesson is that you are the one who controls
What input you accept and how you feel inside.
Perceptive and courageous, you do command praise.

Adopted quite unknowingly then rejected
For not looking like others look, life has been hard
But it has also been short. Your youth is your key
To remaining unfettered by what others see
With contempt and with eyes spiritually scarred.
You can sense there’s a bright future for you ahead.

Most intently you’re focused on Finding That Place
Where there are others like you and where you belong.
Perseverance brings heartbreak, but you carry on
As your hopefulness guides you to a brighter dawn
And the way that you look and sound never are wrong.
What had been lost, then found, is nature’s warm embrace.

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