Feeling Satisfied in The Thought


I have been meditating, in fact, quite a lot.
Now that I’ve got the hang of it, what is it worth?
I get signs I don’t follow. Where is my belief?
With my best persevering, why do I find grief?
Meditation may start with the moment of birth.
Could I nestle each segment in fragrance of thought?

Am I looking for trust or belief in the path?
Or can I just be happy as thought takes on form?
Would my thinking too much about finding my way
Then preclude my advancing? Not likely, I pray.
The path yields me not always the grandest brainstorm
Nor serenity born of the kind aftermath.

Satisfaction this moment is all that I need.
Not a proof, nor belief or a hint of a clue
Is of import this moment. I’ll just breath a sigh.
My, how good that one felt. I do love flying high.
To delight in this moment is all I need do.
Feeling satisfied in the thought is feeling freed.

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