Eternity Is Just More Now

As the grains of sand pass through the sphincter of time,
Do they represent moments held dear to our hearts?
If they all did, then life would be much like a dream.
We might bore ourselves senseless since things always seem
Quite the same. We’d be wanting for frequent fresh starts.
We mix contrast with moments to make life sublime.

The concept of eternity boggles the brain
As the brain remains finite and part of the whole
Of the structure defining this physical place.
So, the brain has no substance – no more than its space.
Yet, within it all, there is the eternal soul.
If we discount this aspect, we may go insane.

The illusion that there is a problem with time…
That it needs constant maintenance, is held by some.
But time needs not a fixer. I know it to be
But a framework for what we call reality.
All eternity is where all nowness comes from.
To delight in my now gives full meaning to rhyme.

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