Gracefulness On The Trail

Not completely adrift, I do maintain control
Of the space that contains me. With comfort and ease
I traverse this dense level. If I recall how
Then I won’t be in touch with the eternal now.
In this sea of conundrum my life is a breeze
And its realness equates to the depth of my soul.

There is balance between needs and objective goals…
Between conscious and subconscious… feelings and mind.
Bathing in self-reflection allows for release
Into life psychic tension that robs me of peace.
Can instinctive reactions be those that are kind?
Who among us are worthy to take on such roles?

Like predicting the weather, the future is known
Just about as it’s happening. It can’t be done
Quite as we understand things in our current state.
Is there free will or are we commanded by fate?
It’s a mixture of both which makes life much more fun.
I’ll intuit the next move then go where I’m shown.

Life itself is fulfilling. What more do I need
Than a world to inhabit with those of my kind?
My complaining is useless but for lessons learned
Through the cumbersome process. When I am concerned
Only with what connects me to others, I find
That my creative spirit is rightfully freed.

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