Rational And Intuitive Balance

So in touch with my feelings… It kind of gets old
As I am in chronology, but it’s all good.
I am fueled by emotion as I am by thought.
So I need to keep balanced or I will be caught
Between substance and nothingness knocking on wood
That I’ll not lose my spirit. My life may unfold.

Both the masculine and feminine are at peace
In the objective psyche when in a deep state
Of the soul’s contemplation. Life begs to endure
All that is that will lead it to something more pure.
All is done of free will, but also there is fate.
I need not solve the puzzle. My will I release.

Heart and mind in agreement of something each sees
In ways totally different is best achieved
Through thoughtless interaction with feelings that stir
In the subconscious sea. This I much would prefer
To engaging the drama with fear interweaved.
Perfect balance is normal with none to appease.

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