Equal To The Occasion

Tooled for the Task

Confrontation with substance demanding brute force
Is the kind that builds character and depth of soul.
The occasion is frequent. A good livelihood
Is a thing to grab hold of. It is understood
That the work is much needed. Assuming the role
Of the matter transformer the world does endorse.

Some will keep their frustrations bottled up inside.
This may cause certain damage if there’s no outlet
That will serve equal justice. The cutting of steel
Can round out the aggression and make someone feel
Great relief in releasing the bodily threat.
Those who work the blue collar do so with much pride.

Jumping to some conclusions invites fallacy
But from premise to product a day on the job
Is straightforward and logical. Matter makes sense.
It is real to the feel. It offers no pretense
As compared to ideas that can often rob
The work ethical spirit of being carefree.

The earth can be intolerant but so am I.
When my job is to move it then it shall be done.
Well-prepared with the right tools and force of my will,
I include self-expression as part of my skill.
Equal To The Occasion no task do I shun.
And I don’t get uptight much. Perhaps this is why.

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