Immitation Is Flattery

A pair in competition to show how folks live
Is a sight most delightful. To imitate those
Of flamboyant extravagance is to give praise
Of the prim of society. Fun are their ways
Of expressive enjoyment by means the clothes
Of historical culture. It’s transformative.

The rebirth of the spirit is not done alone
In a vacuous bubble. Others do partake
In conscious Emulation of life at its best.
Showing off one’s excitement is not a contest
But the conquest of boredom all for its own sake
And whatever affirms that, the heart must condone.

Glancing sideways to see how others may react
To our animate antics, we look for a sign
That assures that the audience is of fine taste.
Talent is something precious that one shouldn’t waste.
All are capable of a performance divine.
In benign utter kindness we have an impact.

People are egocentric. It’s not a bad thing
For without a keen sense of self one can’t survive.
Yet, we all need each other. So complex is pride
That we must look to spirit to act as our guide.
Often it wants to tell us to simply take five.
Emulation of spirit does good tidings bring.

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