Emancipation Proclamation


I can do that. But why, if it favors just you?
I am not a crowd pleaser. That’s not why I’m here.
And what you think about me is not mine to know.
I am not your performer. This isn’t your show.
If my job is to please you I’m married to fear
Because if you reject me then I’m feeling blue.

I was given my freedom by that which gives life.
In fact, I am so free I can choose to be bound
By the people around me as I lap their praise
Like a blind sighted thirsty dog lost in the maze
Where the prize at the end is dried bones in the ground.
That’s one world of entrapment and personal strife.

It’s the law that our freedom exists for our good.
There is no getting ‘round such a resident fact.
We are free to choose bondage. Some make it an art.
But we’re free as the Dickens in mind and in heart.
I cannot be the ‘fine one.’ I’d ruin my own act.
If I want to live well, this must be understood.

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