Electromagnetic Exhilarator Maintenance

Electromagnetic Exhilarator Maintenance

Sometimes one’s alignment one needs to align.
It happens because there’s just stuff in the air.
The ether is filled with such static and noise.
It also has much to endow one with poise
As we choose which stuff we should give the most care.
Be guided by feeling and then by the mind.

The electromagnetic cosmos is filled
With every thought ever thunk… every feel ever felt.
With each moment we’re conscious we add to the flow
Of inter-cosmo-electrical plasma although
Sometimes we can’t deal with the hand we’re dealt
So it also includes every will ever willed.

Thought makes for feelings, then feeling for thought.
The two leapfrog within a parallel tank.
The resulting vibration from this interplay
Has a frequency matching our mood for the day.
For all this, whom do we have to thank?
It’s our own blessed selves wherein resonance is sought.

We each have a knob or a touch screen or such
Where we adjust our feelings and thoughts at will.
When we do so, we tune into something inside
That lets us know there’s nothing we’re denied.
The station we choose will not send us a bill.
If it does, it surely won’t be very much.

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