Effortless Service

Virtual Community

People are now religious but not in quaint ways
That seem all too familiar. Well in mid stride
Of preventative galloping toward saving lives,
There’s a sense that the one who is better survives.
There are none but our best selves in whom we confide.
We support through our Service to get through these days.

Optimism is warranted! People do care
And are free in their giving. No matter how bleak
The outlook for the future, we shall carry on.
In the meantime, we may let some hatred begone.
Many know now that Spirit is what we all seek,
And we’re finding effortless ways we can do prayer.

Our emotions are plowed through, as one human soul.
Never mind that full healing is nowhere in sight.
That will take place in spirit while we are still here
For the most part. All that in our lives we hold dear
Will sustain us in service throughout this dark night.
We shall grow as we comfort, uplift and console.

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