Don’t Do Life In Installments

Human needs are, as Maslow says, a pyramid.
When my stomach is full, I have one problem solved.
After that, there’ll be more that I’ll need to fulfill.
The need to escape boundaries is but our will.
As discrete homo sapiens we have evolved
To the point where we scoff at what life may forbid.

We’re designed to make hay of life perhaps because
In our quest to break limits, such freedom brings fear.
That we can’t have it both ways is matter of fact.
Other creatures upon earth know well how to act.
Nature’s boundaries they know well and hold them dear.
They’re ideal citizens. They abide by her laws.

The problem we have is evolutionary.
We seem not well contained in a home made of flesh.
Maybe some kind of ectomy would offer cure
But to live without passion is hell, to be sure.
Once I have achieved one thing, then I am enmeshed
In life lived in installments most definitely.

I’ve a physical body. The reason it’s here
Is to prove that I have one to that part of me
That cannot know the physical. And by no means
Through these meager five senses can carbon machines
Come to know the non-physical. Simply to be
In a state of fulfillment? What hope to endear!

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