Diurnal Delivering

Business of Daily Life

Somewhat consciously driven, our daily routines
Are our means of survival. So getting work done
That is useful in servicing everyone’s needs
May not yield satisfaction. But still it proceeds.
The Deliverance Duty can be made more fun
With a magical spirit if we have the means.

In this time we examine the work that we do
For the good of the family and of the soul.
Where technique needs improving we implement change.
We approach things more dearly. Now, isn’t that strange?
Life, when brought to the basics, has only one goal.
Balance in daily structure is more than a clue.

Healthy is helping others to be just the same
Not for now, but for always. This we’ll not forget.
We are all one big family – like it or not.
With neglect, our wellbeing continues to rot.
Our own destructive egos is our only threat.
We may hope that, for now, this is not the end game.

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