Uncrumpled Communication

Barnyard cats on a roof made of tin that is hot
Are two minds interlocked in a heated debate.
Exchanging my ideas with others can be
Sometimes not worth the bother. If we can’t agree
Then there’s no sense arguing until it’s too late
For civility. Then discord enters the plot.

Time and energy wasted in foolish chit-chat
Controversial in essence by nature is vain.
Egos value appearance. To put on a show
To tell others I meet with how much more I know
Is one sure way to end up among the insane
In a well padded lockup. There’s no need for that.

Difficulty in speaking my mind I have not
Yet I’m willing and open to hearing all sides
To a logical argument. Keep still the heart
I must do when I find that I’m taking full part
In communing with spirit. It faithfully guides
The encounter’s direction. This helps me a lot.

On my toes and alert all the time I can’t be.
Vigilance is a falsehood extracted from fear
Of the next conversation that threatens my peace.
I can’t keep myself quiet so I find release
In this thing that I’m doing that I find so dear.
Anyone who would argue cannot contact me.

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