Crimson Crusade

Pandemic Desperation

In the realm of space-time there’s a means of support.
I’ll become incandescent in daily routine
Making it more fulfilling and true to my style.
Since I know that I must stay cooped up for a while,
It is best to review life. What does it all mean?
Is there truth to discover that I can’t distort?

I delight in seclusion. This natural state
Is by no means prerequisite to peace of mind.
There are no inhibitions in one’s private space.
And with time gone enigma, I’m put in my place
As we all learn some patience and how to be kind.
Confidence in endeavor is tempered by fate.

There are lessons to learn from the chaos at hand
And as old Mr. Roger’s dear mother did say:
‘In the midst of disaster, your most noble clue
Is to watch for the helpers and do what they do.’
Selfless service is always a cool way to pray.

It can be done remotely and need not be planned.

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