Come What May

Awaiting the Inevitable

Is the human condition prepared for the worst
That can happen? Are we smart enough to survive
Our deliberate instinct to implement fear
When the call is for clarity in times austere?
It is somewhat amazing that we’re still alive
As it seems that our living is meant to be cursed.

Urgent broadcasts deliver what we need to know.
Some of it is conflicting by will of its source.
Alternate motivations of egos involved
Undermine any hope that our problems be solved.
Greed and psychic neuroses are par for the course.
As a species, it seems we’ve a long way to go.

It is best to examine our cyclic routines
While we now have the respite of keeping our space
Free of outside influences vacant of hope.
We decide individually how to cope
With our man-made disasters. The infinite grace
Made available is by spiritual means.

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