Breaking Free

The Age of Rebellion

Consciousness is a chamber. What more can be known?
With the larger world I have relationship some.
But, within the enclosure, myself, undefined,
Does not know its exterior nor its behind.
In the blind, all existence I must overcome.
I know not what is outside even when I’m shown.

I’ll get up enough gumption to get myself free
Of this cumbersome package that I must maintain.
In itself, it’s a self with insatiable needs.
Those of mine and the many configure my deeds.
Yet, still captive within self, I cannot explain
Why I can’t get my points across more easily.

Engaging the encasement, as one would suppose,
Is a bonafied function in which all partake.
If mine is incongruent or oddly oblique
It may be that a different freedom I seek
Where the borders of selfhood an overlap make
And the restricted ego can smell like a rose.

Social life has its constraining aspects as well
For within the group consciousness, self can get lost
And absorbed by those stronger of persuasive will.
Breaking Free of them both can be done when I’m still
And receptive to spirit no matter the cost
To the fearful exister with so much to tell.

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