Between Bones and Drones and Arches of Stones

Between rocks and hard places much value is found
In the laying of episodes, each to its peak.
Hardships stacked upon others lay way to an arch
So the effort involved is called true to the march
Of the ego’s transition towards what it may seek.
If our lives are not balanced we fall to the ground.

Among gifts and gift giving there seems to be choice.
Does the giver detach from intent just the same
As the one who receives knows not what to expect?
There’s no science to giving as I recollect.
The heart’s burning desire sets others to flame
As it cries out with fervor and firmness of voice.

Be Blessed today; there’s a Fulcrum between
The things that are heavy in life as it seems.
Tides and tidings of life washing through as they do
Will wear roughness ragged yet ripe for the new.
The Firmness that steadies our hopes and our dreams
Is a source of great power from which we can glean.

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