Ask Your Inner Being


Get in touch with your inner being every day.
Ask it questions. It knows the answer to them all.
It has its own opinion about everything
That you’re thinking. The vibration you’re offering
Emanates from your thinking. Both big thoughts and small
Can affect how you feel in a very huge way.

Isolate something that you really want to know
About your negativity. Get specific
With your rampage about how things are going wrong.
Keep it up and you’ll notice before very long
That the thing that you’re doing is making you sick.
Then you’ll know the importance of letting things go.

When you feel positive emotion what it means
Is that your inner being feels just the same way.
Your thought is in agreement with what your inner
Being thinks of your thought. It knows what you prefer
In any situation. Try your best to stay
Receptive to its call in your daily routines.

When you’re feeling anything other than delight
In the moment about something it means that you
Are not in agreement with your inner being.
What you think and what it thinks are not agreeing
Because it always has a most positive view
So it’s probable that everything is alright.

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