Appreciate Like No One Is Watching

I look for more reasons, as much as I can,
To appreciate things that are part of my life.
The more I appreciate all that I know,
I’m allowing my true self to prosper and grow.
I don’t focus on discord, nor turmoil or strife.
Like a pig in a mud hole, I have a game plan.

There is much to my liking and some that is not.
I can like what I’m liking. That’s easy to see.
But to like things I don’t like… Now, that takes some skill.
One could manage it, though, through the power of will.
But that kind of liking is not good for me.
I’d be acting on stage with a lie for a plot.

When I take the time to appreciate more,
I feel better inside as my heart starts to glow.
I feel better because it is natural to be
In alignment with all, with a spirit that’s free.
I allow who I really am to freely flow.
I appreciate like I had never before.

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